Analytical facilities

The marine biogeochemistry group operates a world class trace element and isotope analysis facility that includes the following instrumentation:

  • Neptune multi-collector ICPMS with multiple ion counting capabilities
  • NeptunePLUS multi-collector ICPMS
  • Varian 820 and Agilent 7500 Quadrupole ICPMS instruments
  • Varian Vista Axial Simultaneous ICPAES
  • Element XR sector field ICPMS
  • ArF (193nm) Helex MkII (ANU designed and built) laser ablation system
  • F2 (157nm) Helex MkIII (ANU designed and built) laser ablation
  • Metrohm VA 663 / Ecochemie potentiostat
  • Dionex Ion Chromatograph, UV-Vis spectrophotometers for seawater pH
  • Access to Element XR high resolution ICPMS (based at the University of Canberra)

Multiple clean laboratory facilities dedicated to trace metal clean seawater analysis, boron and trace metals analysis in foraminifers and corals, U-series analysis, as well as access to a full complement of trace element and isotope analysis and microanalysis (SHRIMP, electron microprobe), as well as imaging equipment (e.g. scanning and transmission electron microscopy, fluorescence and confocal microscopy) through the network of RSES and ANU based laboratories).