AusSeabed: Making seabed mapping data easily accessible

Australia’s marine jurisdiction covers over 10 million square kilometres, but less than 25% of its seafloor is mapped at the appropriate resolution to support safe navigation and the sustainable development and management of our marine resources. Seabed mapping data underpins all aspects of ocean science and marine engineering. However, until recently, limited coordination of mapping activities by a range of marine industries, government agencies and universities has resulted in duplication of effort, lack of consistency, loss of efficiency and limited reuse of data by a variety of end-users. The AusSeabed community, comprising representatives from marine industries, government and universities, is building a scalable, cloud-based, open source solution to address these issues. The adoptable and adaptable tools being developed through this initiative will establish a new frontier of marine big data analytics by facilitating standardised survey planning, acquisition methods, quality control tools and data processing in a configurable discovery and delivery portal. Importantly, this work is enabling seamless collation of bathymetry datasets and their integration with other marine data types, including seabed sediments and habitats. This presentation highlights AusSeabed current progress and forward plan.