Changing ocean currents, coherent eddies and jets.

Over the last decades, changes in the climate system have fundamentally modified properties of the ocean. These readjustments have altered sea level, and sea surface temperatures; but they have also altered the ocean currents. There have been numerous studies that examine sea level and warming, however, it remains unknown how the ocean surface currents have readjusted to the climate system over the past decades. Our approach here is to study the temporal evolution of mesoscale currents (scales of 10 to 100 km), which are crucial in the transport and mixing of tracers such as heat, salt, and nutrients. Mesoscale currents also constitute the major reservoirs of eddy kinetic energy (EKE). Furthermore, these currents can be divided into three main distinct processes; coherent eddies, jets and waves. Through the implementation of a coherent eddy identification and reconstruction model, we investigate the temporal evolution of coherent eddies and jets from satellite observations and a state-of-the-art numerical model. Mesoscale currents, coherent eddies and jets have adjusted globally and regionally to changes in the surface ocean forcing. These changes have crucial implications in the exchange of heat and carbon between the ocean and atmosphere, thus the response of the ocean to our changing climate.