Rare Earth Conference

1-2 November 2022 | Canberra, Australia

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Australia is a global mineral supplier powerhouse, and is positioned to be a major producer of rare earth elements needed to drive the green energy transition across the 21st Century and beyond.

There are significant challenges to overcome including improving exploration targeting to discover new resources to sustain the supply pipeline, finding efficient, clean and economic technologies for ore processing, improving environmental and social outcomes of resource extraction and processing, and evaluating and managing the uncertainty in the markets.

The Australian Rare Earth Conference is the first conference to bring together industry, government and academia to discuss the state of the Australian Rare Earth industry. The conference will focus on geology and mineralogy of Australian ore systems, but will also include sessions on processing technologies and market dynamics.

The goals are to build and galvanize the Australian Rare Earth community, establish and disseminate the current state of knowledge on rare earth ore systems, and to define the path forward.

Most, if not all, of the Australian rare Earth producers and explorers will be represented.

The two-day conference will consist of split sessions on specific topics interlaced with keynote talks, a discussion ending the first day and a panel discussion to set goals for the future wrapping up the conference.

Sessions will cover, geological, technical, analytical, and metallurgical aspects of research as well as economics, supply chain and geopolitical issues.

Conference Committee members:

  • John Mavrogenes (RSES, ANU)
  • Louise Adena (Vice-Chancellor’s Portfolio, ANU)
  • Joelle D’Adres (RSES, ANU)
  • Michael Anenburg (RSES, ANU)
  • Ross Chandler (RSES, ANU)
  • Mathew Valetich (ANU)
  • Jessica Walsh (The University of Adelaide)
  • Carl Spandler (The University of Adelaide)
  • Miranda Zvidza (Business Development, ANU)
Note: The 'ASPI Masterclass: Australia's Rare Earths Strategy', a masterclass organised by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, has now merged with the Rare Earth Conference 2022.

Conference program

31 October

Time Session
5-7 pm
Welcome drinks
Sponsored by Dreadnought Resources

Day One: 1 November

Time Session
Physics Auditorium
Session Convenor: Professor John Mavrogenes (ANU)
8:30 am
Official welcome and Acknowledgement of Country
8:40 am
Madeleine King MP (Resource Minister)
8:45 am
Professor Brian P. Schmidt (Vice-Chancellor, The Australian National University)
9:00 am
Dr Cathy Foley (Australia’s Chief Scientist)
9:20 am
Tom O’Leary (MD and CEO Iluka Resources)
9:50 am
Morning Tea
Physics Auditorium
Session Convenor: Professor Dorrit Jacob (Director, RSES, ANU)
10:30 am
Keynote: Setting the Scene
Professor Rory Medcalf (Head of National Security College, The Australian National University)
11:00 am
Australian Rare Earth Deposits-The Big Picture
Associate Professor Carl Spandler, (The University of Adelaide)
11:20 am
Exploration Challenges
Dr Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez (CSIRO)
11:50 am
Supply Chains
Dr Kingsley Jones (Jevons Global)
12:10 pm
Keynote: The Toongi Deposit
Ian Chalmers (Australian Strategic Metals)
12:30 pm
Physics Auditorium
Session Convenor: Ross Chandler (ANU)
1:20 pm
Mt Weld
Chris Torrisi (General Manager, Lynas Rare Earths)
1:40 pm
The Cummins Range Deposits
James Durrant (General Manager Projects, RareX)
2:00 pm
The Yangibana District
Andrew Ford (General Manager, Hastings Technology Metals)
2:20 pm
The Mangaroon District
Luke Blais (Dreadnought Resources)
2:40 pm
Nolans Bore
Stewart Watkins (General Manager Projects, Arafura Resources)
3:00 pm
Afternoon Tea
Sponsored by Geoscience Australia
Physics Auditorium
Session Convenor: Dr Helen Degeling (GSQ)
4:00 pm
The Browns Range Deposits
Simon Pooley (Northern Minerals)
4:20 pm
Exploring for Unconformity-REE Deposits
Robin Wilson (PVW Resources)
4:40 pm
Source of REE in Unconformity-type Deposits
Dr Jessica Walsh (The University of Adelaide)
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
Conference Dinner at the National Museum of Australia
Welcome: Professor Brian P. Schmidt (ANU)
Dinner Panel:
  • Dr Ian Scrimgeour (Northern Territory Geological Survey)
  • Hayley Richards (EY Northern Territory)
  • Namali Mackay (Critical Minerals Association-Australia)
  • Moderator: David Uren (ASPI)

Day Two: 2 November

Time Session
Physics Auditorium
Session Convenor: Joelle D’Andres
8:30 am
Professor John Mavrogenes (ANU)
8:30 am
Keynote: REE Extraction from Clays
Bob Ring (ANSTO)
9:00 am
The Koppamurra Project
Rick Pobjoy (Acting MD, Australian Rare Earths)
9:20 am
The Makuutu Deposit
Tim Harrison (Managing Director, Ionic Rare Earths)
10:00 am
Morning Tea
Physics Auditorium
Session Convenor: Dr Matt Valetich
10:30 am
Precompetitive data for Industry
Arianne Ford (Geoscience Australia)
10:50 am
Metallurgical Issues
Damien Krebs (Principal Process Consultant, Primero)
11:10 am
Assaying for REE
Richard Holdsworth (Intertek)
11:30 am
REE in Phosphorites
Dr Diana Zivak (The University of Adelaide)
11:50 am
Level 4 seminar room
Session A Convenor: Naiga Sembatya (ANU)
Physics Auditorium
Session B Convenor: Yajie Gao (ANU)
12:50 pm
Tasmanian REE Clay Deposits
Mark Cooksey (Managing Director, Abx Group)
Rare Earth Datasets
Dr Evgeniy Bastrakov (Geoscience Australia)
1:10 pm
The Mount Ridley Project
David Crook (Mount Ridley Mines) 
Carbonatite Experimental Simulations
Dr Michael Anenburg (The Australian National University)
1:30 pm
Clay-hosted REE in the Adelaide Fold Belt
Sam Connell (Taruga Minerals)
The Yin Deposit
Marissa Higgins (The Australian National University)
1:50 pm
Gawler Clay hosted REE
Rupert Verco (Cobra Resources)
Resource challenges in pursuit of net zero
Jon Blundy (University of Oxford)
2:10 pm
Splinter Rock Clay Hosted REE Province
Brett Hazelden (CEO, OD6 Metals)
Bioengineering separation technology for target element extraction
Dr Samantha McGaughey (The Australian National University)
2:30 pm
Afternoon Tea
Physics Auditorium
3:00 pm
Panel discussion
Panel members:
  • Karin Soldenhoff (Minerals Technology Manager, ANSTO)
  • Nev Power (former Fortescue CEO)
  • Michael Sullivan (US Embassy Economic Advisor)
  • Moderator: Kingsley Jones (Jevons Global)
4:30 pm
Take-home messages and closing
Professor John Mavrogenes (The Australian National University)
5:00 pm

Day Three: 3 November

Time Session
10 am
Optional tour of the ANU experimental and analytical labs

Companies attending

  • Australian Rare Earths
  • ABX Group
  • Anglo American
  • Australian Strategic Metals
  • ChemX Materials
  • Cobra Resources
  • Dreadnought Resources
  • Fortescue Metals Group
  • Hastings Technology Metals
  • Heavy Rare Earths
  • Iluka Resources
  • Intertek
  • Ionic Rare Earths
  • IGO
  • Lindian Resources
  • Lynas Rare Earths
  • Mount Ridley Mines
  • Northern Minerals
  • OD6 Metals
  • Peak Rare Earths
  • PVW Resources
  • RareX
  • Taruga Minerals


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