RSES Education Forum

28 November 2019

We are planning Education Forum to be held all afternoon on November 28.

Following the School Seminar (at the special time of 12-1) we will have
an all school barbecue 1-1:30.

 From 1:30 to 4:00 We will discuss teaching, including special
(informal) talks from the Education Committee Members followed by
presentation of the Award for  the Highest SELTs in 1st semester.

From 4.00 we will have informal discussions over drinks and nibbles.

More information to follow. If you have any questions or would like to present a short talk please contact or


28 November 2019
Time Session
All School BBQ
Discussions, talks and award presentations
Drinks and nibbles

All school BBQ will be held in the RSES courtyard. 

 Talks, discussions and presentations to be held in Jaeger 1 Seminar Room.


John Mavrogenes