Mr Joseph Cali

B. App. Sc. Physics(QIT), Cert. IV - Workplace Health and Safety(CIT), Laboratory Management (EMBO, Heidelberg)
Research Officer


BIRD, M.I., CALI, J.A., Global and Planetary Change 33(1):73-76 · June 2002, A revised high-resolution oxygen-isotope chronology for ODP-668B: Implications for Quaternary biomass burning in Africa


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Book Chapter

The Ostracoda: Applications in Quaternary Research, Volume 131

Editor(s): Jonathan A. Holmes, Allan R. Chivas

First published:1 January 2002

Copyright 2002 by the American Geophysical Union.

Book Series:Geophysical Monograph Series

Oxygen Isotope Systematics of the Nektic Ostracod Australocypris Robusta

(Pages: 301-313)

Allan R. Chivas, Patrick De Deckker, Sue X. Wang, Joseph A. Cali