Victor A. Piedrahita

PhD Candidate

Research interests

PhD student mainly interested in rock magnetism. Currently working on the Paleocene-Eocene hyperthermals.



Piedrahita, V.A., Molina-Garza, R.S., Sierra, G.M., Duque-Trujillo, J.F. 2017. Paleomagnetism and Magnetic Fabrics of Mio-Pliocene Hypabyssal Rocks of the Combia Event, Colombia: Tectonic implications. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 61, 772-800.

Piedrahita, V.A., Bernet, M., Chadima, M., Sierra, G., Marín-Cerón, M.I., Toro, G. 2017. Detrital zircon fission-track thermochronology and magnetic fabric of the Amagá Formation (Colombia): Intracontinental deformation and exhumation events in the northwestern Andes . Sedimentary Geology, 356, 26-42.