SHRIMP contacts & bookings


External visitors should e-mail to arrange instrument time as far in advance as possible. The external charge rate is $2100/day (includes RSES overhead). 

RSES users

  1.  Please meet on the 3rd Monday of each month, 12.30-1pm in the DH Green room to discuss and confirm scheduled dates and make any adjustments.  If you cannot attend, please send the request form to prior to the date.
  2. Please see the Schedule for finalised times.  This will be updated, well before the end of the month.

  3. The RSES charge rate is $1600/day (i.e. excludes RSES overhead).

This system aims to ensure more efficient use of SHRIMP time by minimising the number of changes to instrument configuration, especially on the SHRIMP SI.  Please note the transitional arrangements for 2021-22 that are indicated on the request form.

Visit us at

  • Jaeger 5 Building at Research School of Earth Sciences (google map). 
  • There is visitor parking off Liversidge Street across from the Crawford Building.

E-mail contacts

Mailing address

Research School of Earth Sciences
Building 142 Mills Rd
The Australian National University
Acton, ACT 2601

Sending samples to ANU

Please contact us before you send samples in the mail. Australian Quarantine will often inspect samples and these can be sent back to their origin if no one can verify the contents of the package.