Find out more about our research groups.

Biogeochemistry »

Our research is aimed at understanding nutrients, trace metals and carbon cycling in the present and past oceans, with emphasis on silica and calcium carbonate biomineralising organisms.

Climate and Fluid Physics »

The Climate and Fluid Physics group carries out research on fluid flow problems relevant to Earth.

Earth Dynamics »

Research in geodynamics and environmental geodesy encompasses all aspects of deformation of the solid Earth and its fluid envelope, including the development of models of the past ice history of the Earth.

Experimental Petrology »

The Experimental Petrology group uses a laboratory-based experimental approach combined with filed observations to study the Earth, its origin, evolution and mineral wealth.

Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry »

We constrain the timing and nature of processes in geological and planetary systems using chemistry, isotopes and mineralogy, plus field and petrologic observations.

Palaeoenvironments »

The Palaeoenvironments Group is a collection of research scientists that specialise in environmental reconstruction on times scales that range from thousands to millions of years for both marine and terrestrial environments.

Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics »

SMG has broad interests ranging from elucidating lithospheric structures, to studying the inner core, to developing new methods for imaging Earth's interior.