Carbon 14 Accelerator Mass Spectrometer

The Radiocarbon Dating laboratory researches a wide range of topics relating to the use of carbon-14 in the environment. This includes using carbon-14 for dating purposes in, for example, archaeology and forensics. We also utilize carbon-14 as a tracer in the global carbon cycle, both in soils and in ocean circulation.

We also provide general radiocarbon dating services, see pages on right and/or contact us (Stewart Fallon, Rachel Wood).

The sample preparation lab consists of a 12 reactor graphite line, an 8 reactor graphite line dedicated for samples smaller than 200 microgram of carbon and a 20 reactor automated graphite line coupled to a SERCON EA, carbonate device and IRMS for simultaneous d13C, d18O and d15N measurements on the same material that is then converted to graphite and radiocarbon dated.