Ocean modelling with graphical processing units (GPUs)

Surface vorticity from 1/12º and 1/48º resolution global ocean simulations Relative vorticity from a global ocean simulation at 1/12 degree resolution.

Traditionally climate and ocean models run on central processing units (CPUs) in parallel on high-performance computers.

We have been writing an ocean model from scratch written in the Julia programming language that can run on graphical processing units (GPUs). This ocean model is called Oceananigans.jl and all the model development is open-source and done in Github. (Have a look at Oceananigans.jl github repository and the documentation.)

The ability to run on GPUs enables unprecedented speedups, of the order of 40x or 50x, compared to the current state-of-the-art ocean models.

We have plenty of projects available for all tastes. We encourage you to reach out to Navid Constantinou and chat. Whether you are interested in ocean model development, implementation of novel numerics and new algorithms, or GPU programming or whether you are keen to use the model to study ocean dynamics and physical processes we have something for you!