Honours in Physics of the Earth

Christian Renggli

The Physics of the Earth Honours specialisation is intended for students who are interested in undertaking an independent research project in earth physics under the direction of a supervisor, and who have a foundational knowledge of a relevant field, such as physics, earth and marine sciences, mathematics, engineering, or information technology.

Honours in Physics of the Earth can be undertaken full time or part time.

Program structure

Part of the Honours in Physics of the Earth program requires a coursework component of at least 24 units which is comprised of at least four 6 unit subjects offered by the university at an appropriate level. These should include but are not limited to Earth Physics courses run at RSES. This makes up 50% of the required assessment.

The research project makes up the other 50% of assessment, and as such is an important part of the honours experience. The project is expected to be a substantial and original piece of research in Earth Physics, usually supervised by someone in the Research School of Earth Sciences.

The Honours Convenor can advise on the selection of the courses and the research project.

Program convenor

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Rhodri Davies

Email:  honours.rses@anu.edu.au