Towards understanding the landscape evolution of the Lake George basin

“Lake George, an unsurpassed natural archive” is an ARC Linkage project, began in February 2015. The project is multidisciplinary, looking at the structural, sedimentological, hydrogeological, archaeological, and landscape evolution history of the Lake George basin, located about 40km north of Canberra.

A large amount of spatial data is being generated by the project, and older data exists from past research. The ANU, as well as the Bureau of Mineral Resources (now Geoscience Australia) had drilling projects, and some seismic data was also acquired. Within the current Linkage project we collect subsurface (geophysical, drill hole, archaeological) and surface (elevation, sedimentological) data, amongst others.

The student will collect and compile available data, build a surface DEM and 3D geological model of the basin, and will attempt to reconstruct landscape evolution on a basin scale. Special attention will be paid to sand deposition history.

The project will involve computer modelling (using CTech’s MVS software, ERDAS ERMapper, and others) as well as field work. The student will have access to an eBee UAV, capable of creating DEM at centimetre precision.

This project requires someone with interdisciplinary interests, advanced computer skills (possibly some programming experience), as well as skills and interest to undertake some field work around Lake George.

The skills acquired during the completion of this project are in great demand by mining and exploration companies, government departments and local authorities, and also by private companies. Spatial analysis expertise are necessary for most earth sciences-based careers.

Lake George in 2010. Image credit: Kate Evans, ABC

For more information about this potential research topic or activity, or to discuss any related research area, please contact the supervisor: Prof Brad Pillans and Dr Éva Papp