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Professor Dorrit Jacob
Professor Dorrit Jacob

Our standing in the world is built on our expert application of the enabling sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology – to address the big questions and challenges facing the Earth sciences. We take a broad, integrative view to answer questions ranging from the Earth’s formation from the mixture of dust and gas orbiting around the sun, through all the processes determining Earth’s evolutionary history, to predicting the future state of our oceans and climate.

Investing in staff and facilities has been the foundation of our success in delivering world class research, research training, and research-led teaching in the Earth Sciences. 

Our capacity rests on the excellence of our academic staff and professional technical staff, almost 100 higher degree research students, and the dedication of our professional administrative and infrastructure support team. 

We strive to be recognized among the world’s best Earth science programs and are committed to better outcomes for our students, community, the environment, our nation and the world.

Professor Dorrit Jacob FAA.
Director, Research School of Earth Sciences