Beth O'Sullivan with coral structure at the reef aquarium at ANU Research School of Earth Sciences at Florey Building 54, ACT, Australia 04.August.2023 (Nic Vevers/ANU)


Sam Eggins, PhD researcher tending to the coral reef aquarium at ANU Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU Florey Building 54, Canberra, ACT, Australia 11.January.2023 (Nic Vevers/ANU)

The fund has had a significant impact on our students and researchers through support of scholarships and research projects.

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Semi-precious gemstone

This fund assists with maintaining our geological collections. Our precious rocks, minerals, meteorites and fossils are valuable teaching and research tools.

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A group of people chatting

This Endowment provides opportunities for international and Australian students to access one of the top-ranked Earth and Marine Sciences programs.

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Seedlings being planted in fertile soil

You can give to RSES in many ways. Find the one that suits your needs.

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A thank you lable

The staff and students would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported the launch of the new Earth Sciences Future Fund. With your generous gifts we are able to support the next generation of students, sustain critical research and learn more about our dynamic planet.

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