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RSES Culture Statement words

RSES Culture Statement

The ANU Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) strives to be an inclusive and diverse community committed to creating a fair and equitable work environment. We value a diverse working environment in which everyone is safe and supported. Respectful communication and behaviour are the building blocks of our community, and we encourage everyone to call out inappropriate action and behavior. We strive to mitigate the effects of conscious and unconscious biases and to overcome barriers that negatively impact the well-being of our community. We celebrate the diversity of our members and recognise that different approaches and perspectives will ultimately benefit us all.

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment

  • Hiring policy: RSES has adopted approaches to improve gender profiles within our School. In order to improve the gender profiles of our candidates for all academic and professional positions, we require both gender balanced selection panels and candidate shortlists following the "50/50 if not why not" shortlisting guideline.
  • Flexibility in the workplace: RSES provides empowering and effective work-based policies to support the needs of individuals. We support flexible work and study arrangements for our staff and students by accommodating but not limited to the following: caring responsibilities, priorities at work/home, study, and community commitments. Note: Arrangements are to be agreed to with supervisors and with due considerations of the operational needs of the work area. Further detail and/or clarification is available in the current ANU Enterprise Agreement.
  • Mentoring and supervision: RSES is committed to supporting the diverse career development needs of our early-career researchers, teaching staff and professional staff. We provide a mentoring program focusing on individuals career development and work/life balance.
  • Bullying and harassment: RSES sets standards for personal and professional behaviour and requires staff to treat students, other staff members and members of the community with respect, and to refrain from bullying or harassing behaviour. RSES has in place strict policies and prevention procedures, and follows the ANU Code of Conduct.
  • Facilitating inclusion and flexibility: Dedicated carers room, break out spaces, disabled access, a unisex toilet and disabled toilets.
  • IDEA Committee: RSES has a committee dedicated to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA). The Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Director on matters relating to achieving inclusion, diversity, equity and access within RSES. The committee also organises events celebrating diversity within the RSES community fostering inclusion and a respectful and healthy working, and learning environment.