Why Honours?

Honours is a one-year specialisation that can be taken after completing the requirements of a 3 year Bachelor Degree in Science.

The Honours year is very different from your earlier years at University. As an Honours student you work mostly on your own (with assistance and encouragement from your supervisor and other academic staff), at your own speed, and you make your own decisions on how your work and research should proceed.

Honours is important if you wish to continue on to a PhD and pursue a career as a research scientist. However, even if you do not think you want a research career, a wider range of career options become available with the additional training and experience that Honours provides. Honours equips students with the scientific, technical, problem-solving and communication skills they will need to successfully tackle the challenges of any job.

Honours is also a rewarding and social year that most students really enjoy.

Study options

Honours in Earth & Marine Science

Honours in Physics of the Earth


RSES and ANU have a range of scholarships available to both local and international honours students.

These scholarships have a close date of 30 November each year for applications except for Action Trust Scholarship which has an application close date of 31 March each year.

There may be other suitable scholarships available. Visit the scholarships page for more information.

How to apply?

Students need to identify a research project and find an academic supervisor when applying for Honours year. 

Students who are interested in Honours should contact the Honours Convenors to discuss entry requirements and to get advise on finding a project and supervisor.

More information on how to apply

Contact: Dr Callum Shakespeare

Email:  honours.rses@anu.edu.au