21–22 September 2023

To all members of the Research School of Earth Sciences and beyond,

We are pleased to formally announce the upcoming StuCon-2023, a student-led conference that has been meticulously curated to provide participants with a platform to showcase their research and achievements.

We extend an invitation to all students—whether undergraduate, honours, masters, or PhD—to participate in this esteemed event. Your involvement will undoubtedly contribute to the academic richness of the conference.

We anticipate your participation and look forward to the academic exchanges that Stucon 2023 will surely facilitate.

Conference Segments:

  • Oral & Poster Presentations: A segment allowing students to present their significant research findings.
  • Bake Your PhD: Warm traditional RSES event wherein participants are encouraged to represent their research in the medium of baked goods. This section will be evaluated by Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt, Dean of ANU College of Science Kiaran Kirk, Deputy Dean of Students Dr Jenni Bettman and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Digital) Maryanne Dever.
  • Unearth Your Science: A new addition, giving students the opportunity to depict their research using non-traditional methods, be it through art forms like painting or diorama, crafts, or through performing arts.

Event Information:

  • Venue: Foyer & Auditorium, Research School of Physics, 60 Mills Rd
  • Date: 21-22 September 2023
  • Meals: Morning and afternoon teas, along with lunches from Uproot Food and Asian Street Food will be provided on both days of the conference. Meals will only be provided to registered attendees.



Bake Your PhD

1st: Edgar Leong

2nd: Timothy Leong 

Bake Your PhD (People's choice)

Ruby Turner

Posters (People's choice)

1st: Polina Sholeninova

2nd: Jinyin Hu

Unearth Your Science (People's choice)

1st: Catherine Wilsbacher

2nd: Rachel Kirby



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Album 2 (RSES)


Our gratitude goes to RSES and ANUSA for their generous support in making this conference possible.

Partners & sponsors


21 September 2023
Time Session
10:00 am
Welcome by Director
10:20 am
Keynote Speaker 1: Dr Sarah Buckerfield
Chasing water in rocks: a surprisingly important discipline, and a good way to have fun along the way
10:40 am
Morning Tea
11:00 am
Presentations - Session 1
11:00 am
Jemma Jeffree
Model analogues: Cheap ENSO forecasts and their implications
11:15 am
Ramkumar Arcot Parthiban
Microstructures in Australian Cassiterites – implications for Niobium and Tantalum enrichments
11:30 am
Yunqi Yoli Wu
The importance of methodology for argon data
11:45 am
Yun-Ze Cheng
Astor from Asia to Australia
12:00 pm
Lunch/Poster Session 1/Unearth Your Science
1:30 pm
Presentations - Session 2
1:30 pm
Samantha Russo
Paleo reconstruction of ancient seawater signatures from hypogene- and supergene-altered banded iron formations: the Weld Range banded iron formations
1:45 pm
Bowen Fang
Super El Niño events recorded by Porites corals from the Enewetak Atoll, Western Pacific Warm Pool
2:00 pm
Leon Bilton
PyDRex: Crystallographic preferred orientation in olivine-rich peridotites
2:15 pm
Hangyu Meng
Simulated trends and variability of Circumpolar Deep Water in the Southern Ocean
2:30 pm
Alana Mina
The art of platinum group minerals hunting
2:45 pm
Afternoon Tea
3:30 pm
End Day 1
22 September 2023
Time Session
10:00 am
Keynote Speaker 2: Dr Grace Shephard
End the rainbow! Choose scientific colours
10:20 am
Presentations - Session 3
10:20 am
Hilary Lewis
Sharks & laser beams: Exploring the use of elemental and isotopic analyses to understand the life history and ecology of sharks
10:35 am
Oliver Hsu
Magnetite concentrates: Titanium, Vanadium and trace elements.
10:50 am
Tianyu Cui
Constraints on the short-scale core-mantle boundary topography using PcP/PKiKP and PcP/P amplitude ratios and waveform similarity
11:05 am
Ashley Barnes
Topographically generated internal waves from surface wind forcing
11:20 am
Bake Your PhD & Morning Tea
12:15 pm
Lunch & Poster Session 2 & Unearth Your Science
2:00 pm
Keynote Speaker 3: Elisabeth Boles
Turbulent tales from a rough patch of coral reef – insights on biophysical interactions from three years of field work in Palau
2:20 pm
Presentations - Session 4
2:20 pm
Rodrigo De Freitas Rodrigues
High-pressure partial melting of anhydrous garnet peridotite
2:35 pm
Edgar Leong
Maps to buried treasure: Exploring the geodynamic setting of enigmatic mineral systems
2:50 pm
Rosmalia Dita Nugraheni
Zircon saturation in Si-rich carbonate melt
3:05 pm
Claire Yung
Modelling basal melt in Antarctic ice shelf cavities
3:20 pm
Afternoon Tea & Voting
3:50 pm
4:30 pm
Drinks (Badger and Co)

We request all interested attendees to register by September 7th. Registration is imperative not only for those presenting but also for attendees, to ensure we make adequate catering arrangements. Your timely registration will greatly assist in our logistical preparations.

For all attendees: 

To register your attendance (regardless of participating in any of the sessions), click here. Please sign up by 11:59 pm on September 7th.

For presenters:

UPD: The deadline for presentation submission has been extended. Submit your presentation here. Please, submit by 11:59 pm on September 13th.  

Foyer & Auditorium, Research School of Physics, 60 Mills Rd


Polina Sholeninova