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Monday, 16 Aug 2021
The SHRIMP lab
The SHRIMP lab

The SHRIMP Steering Committee is excited to announce the following recipients of “ANU Research School of Earth Sciences – SHRIMP Awards”. There was stiff competition for these awards and the Steering Committee were impressed with the exceptional quality of all of the applications listed below.

Successful lead investigator – School – Title – Number of Days

Dr Kelsie Long – School of Culture History and Language– A comparison between SHRIMP-SI and c-IRMS in mollusc shells for the application of high-resolution mollusc shell sclerochronologys – 2 days

Mx Shannon McConachie – RSES – Four Sulfur Isotope Post-Archean Biogenic Signature – 1 day

Dr Marco Ernst – Research School of Engineering – Dopant profiling in silicon substrates – 1+ days

Dr Antony Burnham – RSES – Microanalysis of 18O/16O in allanite – 1 day

Mr Aditya Patkar – RSES – Oxygen isotopic evolution and water abundance in different components of carbonaceous chondrites – 2+ days

Dr Laura Otter – RSES – Oxygen Isotopes in Cultured Bivalve Shells – 2 days

Mr Leo Baeza – RSES – Triple oxygen isotopes in chondrules from ordinary chondrites – 2+ days

Dr Tristen Jones – School of Culture, History and Language – Development of an approach to evaluate past climate and future cultural conservation using isotopic analyses of coatings on rock art – 1 day