Dr Thanh-Son Pham

2019 PhD - ANU

As a global seismologist, I use seismic waves to understand the Earth’s interior structures and seismic energy sources using mathematical tools, such as signal processing, numerical modeling, and geophysical inference. I am particularly interested in structures and processes a few kilometers beneath the surface, such as polar ice sheets, down to the Earth’s deepest shell, including its cores. To date, one of my visible contributions is to help understand better the architecture of the seismic wavefield several hours after large earthquakes and use it to decipher several long-lasting puzzles regarding the Earth’s inner core. In current and near-future research, I aim to expand my seismological toolbox further to advance research on the topics, focusing on understanding the structures and dynamics of the Antarctic ice sheet in the changing climate. 

See my personal page for more information about my research interests, publications and a CV.

My publication list is here: https://www.tsonpham.net/publication

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