Dr John Rogers

Biogeochemistry Research Group
BSc (Maths), BA (Anthropology), BSc (Hons) (Geology), PhD (Marine Micropalaeontology)

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Research interests

Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using radiolarian fossils from the eastern and southern Indian Ocean.


Building 47, Room 115


  • Rogers, J., and De Deckker, P., 2007. Radiolaria as a reflection of environmental conditions in the eastern and southern sectors of the Indian Ocean: A new statistical approach. Marine Micropaleontology 65, 137-162
  • Rogers, J. and De Deckker, P., 2011 Environmental reconstructions of the upper 500 metres of the southern Indian Ocean over the last 40ka using Radiolarian (Protista) proxies. Quaternary Science Reviews 30, 876-886
  • Smith, M., De Deckker, P., Rogers, J., Brocks, J., Hope, J., Schmidt, S., Lopes dos Santos, R. and Schouten, S., 2013. Comparison or UK’37, TEXH86 and LDI temperature proxies for the reconstruction of south-east Australian ocean temperatures.  Organic Geochemistry 64, 94-104