Dr Marc Norman

Emeritus Fellow

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Fellow, Meteoritical Society (2014)
Fellow, Geological Society of America (2001)
The Australian Innovation Challenge, Finalist, Environment category (2011) ‘Chemical tracers for sustainable groundwater systems’.
Editorial Boards
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Executive Editor-in-Chief (2012 to present)
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (2009-present)
National Committees and Government Advisory Boards
NASA Emerging Worlds Proposal Review Panel (2014)
Australian Academy of Sciences National Committee for Space Sciences: Decadal Plan Steering Committee and Chair of Planetary Sciences Working Group (2006-2011)
NASA Curation and Analysis Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials (2003-2007)
NASA Cosmochemistry Proposal Review Panel (1993-1996, 1999-2001, 2005)
NASA Lunar Advanced Science and Exploration Research proposal review panel (2009, Chair, geochemistry group).
NASA Planetary Materials and Geochemistry Management Operations Working Group (1993-1995)
Professional Societies
Geochemical Society, Board of Directors (2012 to present)
Geochemical Society, Fellows Selection Committee (2010-2012; Chair, 2012)
Geological Society of Australia: National Executive Committee (2008-2012)
Geological Society of Australia: Chair, Specialist Group in Planetary Geosciences (2004-2008)
Meteoritical Society: Publications Committee (2001-2003), Executive Council (2001-2002), Associate Treasurer (1999-2002)
International Commission on Stratigraphy , Precambrian Subcommission, Working Group on Definition of the Hadean Eon for The Geologic Timescale (2011 to present)



Research interests

  • Cosmochemistry
  • Hawaiian volcanism
  • Ore deposit geochronology
  • Groundwater geochemistry

Current projects

  • Impact history of the inner Solar System
  • Crust-mantle evovlution of the Earth, Moon, Mars, and differentiated asteroids
  • Petrogenesis of Mauna Loa and Kilauea basalts
  • Re-Os dating of molybdenite
  • U-Pb dating and O-isotopes in cassiterite


J3, G53


Reviewed Journal articles

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