Geoffrey Bonning

PhD Candidate

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2017 - present: PhD Candidate (Cosmochemistry), ANU

2015 - 2016: BSc Honours (Earth & Marine Science), ANU

2011 - 2014: BSc (Physics & Geology), University of Queensland 


science Research area

Research interests

I study what the meteoritic record has to tell us about the early Solar System. In particular, I look at chondrites, primitive meteorites that have preserved the objects that were drifting around in the solar protoplanetary disk when they were accreted. These objects include calcium-aluminium-rich inclusions (CAIs), and chondrules. I'm using the chemical and isotopic compositions of these first solids to find out what the conditions were like in our protoplanetary disk, as well as trying to simulate those conditions in the laboratory. 


Teaching information

2016 - present: Lab demonstrator for EMSC3022 (Planetary Science), ANU

2012 - 2014: Lab demonstrator for PHYS1002 (Electromagnetism & Modern Physics) and PHYS1171 (Physical Basis for Bioloigcal Systems), University of Queensland


Conference papers:

Geoffrey P. Bonning, Trevor R. IrelandJanaína N. Ávila, Guil Mallmann, 2017, 'Chondrule olivine provenance in carbonaceous chondrites: chemical and oxygen isotope systematics'80th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society 2017