Mr Peter Lanc

Software Developer / IT

My main focus is software development for SHRIMP here at RSES as well as for ASI.
National Instrument's LabVIEW is used to run the SHRIMP as well as reduce the data off-line.
Live video part of the software is written in MS Visual C++.


Mass Scan

Other Projects at RSES:

Rotating Tank

Rotating Table

Rotating tank with inclined floor. Conductivity probe driven by two brushless DC Smart Motors automatically samples the fluid at user programmed locations.


Process Cooling


Process Cooling   Rotating Table   Rotating Table

Process Cooling project manages up to 24 separate water cooled stations. These are high pressure press's furnace cooling configurations. Each station is monitored for leaks and can be isolated. Roof plant is controlled via custom software that monitors overall flow, pressure and temperature of the water. Detects faults (switches to mains water if need be). Automatically switches between air cooler and chiller as neccessary. National Instrument's Field Point is the embedded controller used in this projects. Real time operating system running LabVIEW program is implemented for both station control and water cooling control system.


Coral Micromill

Three axis high precission mill for drilling sample material out of corals and other materials.
The LabVIEW software provides manual control over X Y Z as well as automatic profiling along predefined vector slices or custom user-defined path. Live video allows for cutting path definition and, using image pattern matching, micro meters vs image pixels auto-calibration.


G Code Generator

Trace an image to generate tool path for CNC cutting machine.

G Code Generatore


MAT261 Control Software

New software controlling old TIMS mass spectrometer. Upgrade included new electronics interfacing existing power supplies.



Laser Sample Control Software

Sample handling control software developed for our laser ICP here at RSES. Automatic runs are programmed with stage locations and custom profiles for each analytical spot.



And now for something completely different.. This is a raspberry PI project running Pyhton, collecting CO and CO2 data from two separate sensors. The whole system is portable and designed for field work. We get about 14 hours of run time on the battery.


Evaporation Experiment

This LabVIEW software controls long wave evaporation experiment setup in the fluid dynamics group lab.


Other Projects at ANU

Sodium Loop Control Software

Laboratory setup of closed loop melted sodium experimental setup at Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering.
There are two parts to the control software. Main software runs on NI embeded hardware cRIO-9066 and cRIO NI-9147; user interface software runs on DELL desktop PC in Windows 10.

The main software runs 31 heat traces with PID control as well as few other PID controled system parts. Two Mass Flow Controllers are interfaced via RS485 with modbus protocol. Three phase magnetic pump (pumping liquid Sodium) is controlled via VFD.

The user interface software allows the user to set temperature setpoints for individual heaters, run the pump etc..

Sodium UI

Sodium Loop


Gas Absorption Mass Spectrometer Software

Automatic peak detection from gas spetra read from OceanView Flame Spectrometer. Two to eight Bronkhorst mass flow controllers, Keithley pico Amp meter, Thorlabs camera are some of the hardware components in this system.

Optical Gas Sensing