Ross Chandler

PhD Candidate
Research Assistant
Bachelor of Geology (Honours)

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I am a PhD student in the Experimental Petrology group. My research spans a variety of Rare Earth Element and critical metal mineralisation types including peralkaline volcanic hosted, IOCG and Mary Kathleen type, and carbonatite hosted. I'm interested in using experimental petrology and advanced analytical techniques to address the questions around how these deposits form, how we can find them, and how we can safely and environmentally consciously extract the metals from their mineral hosts.



Research interests

  • Rare earth element (and other critical metal) economic geology
  • 21st century resource exploration geology
  • Alkaline magmatic and hydrothermal processes
  • Igneous and experimental petrology applied to ore deposit formation


Teaching information

EMSC3007 Economic Geology

EMSC1006 The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science



Chandler, R., & Spandler, C. (2020). The igneous petrogenesis and rare metal potential of the peralkaline volcanic complex of the southern Peak Range, Central Queensland, Australia. Lithos, 358, 105386.