Carlos Carrasco-Godoy

PhD Candidate

Research interests

I am interested in the combination of petrology, geochemistry, and predictive models to solve geological problems. My PhD research aims to identify and quantify the geochemical signature of magmatic zircons associated with porphyry copper deposits using geodata analytics and data science tools.



  1. Carrasco-Godoy, C., Campbell, I.H. Application of Onuma and lattice strain derived methods to calculate missing REE and Ce and Eu anomalies in magmatic zircons. Contrib Mineral Petrol 178, 42 (2023).
  2. Costa, S., Fulignati, P., Campbell, I.H., Gioncada A., Carrasco Godoy C. I., Pistolesi M.,  Masotta M. Platinum-group element geochemistry of the shoshonitic igneous suite of Vulcano (Aeolian Arc, Italy): implications for chalcophile element fertility of arc magmas. Contrib Mineral Petrol 176, 106 (2021).