Christopher Ingles

Bachelor of Science (Honours) from ANU. Major in Earth Science, minor in Chemistry and specialisation in Geochemistry and Petrology
PhD Candidate

Research interests

My research is in geochemistry and primarily focusses on cation behaviour in sphalerite (ZnS). This includes:

  • The localisation and abundace of critical metals such as In, Ga, Ge, Tl, Cd;
  • Investigating oxidation states and lattice constraints on elements recovered from sphalerite;
  • Experimental synthesis of sphalerite with metallic solid solutions.

Secondary research includes:

  • The analysis and synthesis of sulfide calibration standards for laser ablation mass spectrometry (eg: LA-ICP-MS);
  • Lattice constructs and bonding arrangements of elements in sulfides.


Christopher H. Ingles, John A. Mavrogenes (2021); Cationic substitutions in sphalerite from the Porgera mine, Papua New Guinea. The Canadian Mineralogist; 59 (3): 573–587. doi: