Ms Kelly-Anne Lawler

BSc, MRes
PhD Candidate

Research interests

Kelly's PhD projects are focused on the use of radiolarians (unicellular, eukaryotic marine microzooplankton with siliceous skeletons) recovered from seafloor sediment and the water column, respectively, to:
i. reconstruct palaeoclimatic/palaeoceanographic parameters at various latitudes in the Southern Ocean using radiolarian abundance and composition data;
ii. quantify the contribution of radiolarians to the oceanic silica cycle.


  • Rigual-Hernández, A. S., Trull, T. W., McCartney, K., Ballegeer, A.-M., Lawler, K.-A., Bray, S. G., & Armand, L. K. (2016). Indices based on silicoflagellate assemblages offer potential for paleo-reconstructions of the main oceanographic zones of the Southern Ocean. Geo-Marine Letters, 36(4), 271–280. (