Rodrigo Antonio De Freitas Rodrigues

PhD Candidate



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2. Gervasoni, F., Jalowitzki, T., Rocha, M.P., Weska, R.K., Novais-Rodrigues, E., Rodrigues, R.A.F., et al. (2022). Recycling process and proto-kimberlite melt metasomatism in the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Amazonian Craton recorded by garnet xenocrysts and mantle xenoliths from Carolina Kimberlite. Geoscience Frontiers. 13(5), 101429.

1. Martins, M.L.J., Pertille, J., Rodrigues, R.A.F., et al. (2022). Detritral zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Maricá Group: sources areas and maximum depositional ages. Geociências. 41, 19-33.


1. Rodrigues, R.A.F., Gervasoni, F., Jalowitzki, T., et al. (2021). Refertilized continental lithosphere beneath Catalão, Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, evidenced by clinopyroxenes from metasomatized mantle peridotites. Goldschmidt 2021 - Lion, France.