Siyuan Zhao

PhD Candidate

Siyuan Zhao is a PhD candidate whose work is focused on using geodetic techniques (e.g., InSAR and GPS) to investigate the ground deformation caused by earthquakes, volcano activities, or hydrological effects spatially and temporally. 

Currently, he is also an Education Support Officer (casual), aiming to provide efficient administrative support to the School’s academic staff and students.

Research interests

Currently, Siyuan's research involves:

1. Generating a board-scale kinematic model for the Australia-Indonasia-New Guinea collision zone using GPS and earhquake slip vectors.

2. Investigating the coseismic and post-seismic deformation caused by 2018 Lombok earthquake sequence based on InSAR time-series analysis.

3. Understanding the influence of 2018 Lombok earthquake sequence on the unrest Rinjani-Samlas volcanic system by modelling the volume change and the location of the volcano pressure source and analysing the average inflation/deflation rate of the volcano edifice in different periods.

4. The co-seismic analysis for the Alor 2015 Mw 6.5 earthquake.

5. Geodetic based groundwater study.