Thuany Costa de Lima

PhD Candidate

I am a geophysicist mostly interested in global observational seismology. My Ph.D. research involves the development and application of different techniques to image the Earth’s deep interior in the light of seismic waves generated by large earthquakes. My studies are focused on investigating the 1) P-wave anisotropy in the inner core of the Earth, and also 2) the thermochemical variations in the Earth’s highly heterogeneous upper mantle with implications for mantle convection. 

Previously to embracing seismology, I was interested in correlating multiple geophysical observations to the structural geology of cratonic sedimentary basins and reconstruct the history of crustal deformation. During my honours and master's degree, I worked with gravity and magnetic geophysical data processing and interpretation, remote sensing, and structural geology.

Since 2018: PhD student in Seismology, RSES, The Australian National University, Australia.

2013 - 2015: MPhil in Geophysics. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

2009 - 2012: BSc in Geophysics. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Research interests

  • Global observational seismology
  • Correlation seismology and application to the structure of the deep Earth.
  • Characterization of anisotropy in the Earth’s inner core
  • Seismic imaging of upper mantle discontinuities



Tkalčić, H., T. Costa de Lima, T-S Phạm, and S. Tanaka. (2022). Inner core anisotropy from antipodal PKIKP travel times, accepted for publication.

Costa de Lima, T., H. Tkalčić, and L. Waszek. (2022). A new probe into the innermost inner core anisotropy via the global coda-correlation wavefield, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, https://doi. org/10.1029/2021JB023540. OPEN ACCESS.

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Demonstrator in

Part of the (160) undergraduate students participating in the Blue Planet field trip to the Snowy Mountains! Everyone had a wonderful time looking at the rocks and correlating what they have learned in the classroom with their observations on the field. Thanks to Tiah Penny for the selfie :D



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Demonstrating the immersion suit onboard the Research Vessel Investigator. By my side is Astrid Wilson, the master 2 of this voyage. Photo credits: (left) Dr. Mike Coffin and (right) Dr. Caroline Eakin


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