Yamila Cajal Contreras

BSc in Geology, Universidad de Concepción
PhD student

After finishing my bachelor in Geology at the Universidad de Concepcion (Chile), I have been working in copper-gold mining and mineral exploration, both at the industry and at the academia. I did my undergrad research thesis in the possible extension of the middle Eocene to early Oligocene Cu-metallogenic belt in northern Chile.

As part of my PhD, I am currently working in the Platinum Group Elements (PGE) geochemistry applied to the study of Cu-Au magma fertility associate to Porphyry Copper Deposits from Central Chile. I have been recently awarded the Graduate Student Fellowship (GSF) by the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Foundation.

Research interests

I am interested in the application of petrology and geochemistry to the study of ore deposits and their metallogenic processes, particularly in the study of copper and gold deposits. I am currenlty working in the geochemistry of the Platinum Group Elements (PGE) applied to the prediction of copper-gold fertility in mountain belts, supervised by Proffesor Ian Campbell:


Conference papers

Cajal, Y. & Campbell, I. (2018) Using Platinum Group Elements to identify sulphide saturation in evolving magmas and its implications to predict copper fertility in Cu-Porphyries: The case of Río Blanco Deposit. XV Chilean Geological Conference. Concepcion, Chile.

Cajal, Y. & Campbell, I. (2018) Platinum Group Elements to identify sulphide saturation in evolving magmas: application to the Río Blanco Cu-Porphyry Deposit, central Chile. Australian Goescience Council Convention. Adelaide, Australia.

Cajal, Y., Rabbia, O. & Valencia, V. (2015) New magmatic-hydrothermal antecedents from Oligocene to Miocene in Andean of northern Chile (latitude 21° to 18°S). XIV Chilean Geological Conference. La Serena, Chile. 

Cajal, Y. & Rabbia, O. (2015) Criteria to define exploration targets in northern extension (latitude 21° to 18°S) of Eocene to Oligocene belt in northern Chile. XIV Chilean Geological Conference. La Serena, Chile.