Dr David Hutchinson

ARC DECRA research fellow

I am an ARC DECRA fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, 2022 to 2025. I am a long-term visitor at ANU earth sciences, as part of the Climate and Fluid Physics group, and Climate and Ocean Geosciences. I live in Canberra, hence spend most of my time at ANU, but regularly travel to UNSW Sydney. 

Research interests

I am a researcher in paleoclimate modelling, focusing on past warm climate intervals such as the Eocene (56-34 Ma), Oligocene (34-23 Ma) and Miocene (23-5 Ma). I am interested in the long-term evolution of the deep ocean circulaution, and the start up of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current over these periods. I have developed simulations of the Eocene-Oligocene using the coupled climate model GFDL CM2.1, and am currently extending these to new intervals in the Oligocene and Miocene, using Australia's community climate model ACCESS-ESM1.5. I have also recently developed simulations of the Last Interglacial (127 ka) using GFDL CM2.1, exploring the impact of partial melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet.


See my publications at Google Scholar or Web of Science