Professor Trevor Ireland

Honorary Fellow

Researcher Profile

BSc(Hons) Otago University (1981)
PhD, ANU (1987)

Professor, RSES, ANU (2008-2021)

Other Positions
Hayabusa II Joint Science Team (2014 - )
President, The Meteoritical Society (2017-18)

Research interests

My research centres around the application of ion microprobes to the understanding of the isotopic nature of materials at the microscale. This type of technology allows analyses of materials with high degrees of selectivity and is applied to the characterization of provenance of dust grains in the early solar system, through to the provenance and origins of rocks from Gondwana. Current interests include analysis of refractory meteorite components for evidence of the characteristics of the solar nebula, 4-isotope sulfur compositions form terrestrial and extraterrestrial samples, and 3-isotope oxygen analyses from meteorites and their components.




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