Yankun Di

PhD Candidate

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2018-present PhD student, RSES, ANU

2017 Research intern, RSES, ANU

2017 B.Sc. in Geochemistry, Peking University, China


science Research area

Research interests


Isotopic geo/cosmochemistry

U-Pb (ID-TIMS), Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd (including 146Sm-142Nd) geochronology

Non-traditional stable isotopes and their applications in geo/cosmochemistry

Analytical techniques of thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS)

Specific (current projects):

Nucleosynthetic isotopic anomalies in early Solar System objects, including calcium-aluminium-rich inclusions and carbonaceous chondrites

Chronology of the early Solar System


Teaching information

2020 Demonstrator in Geochemistry (EMSC 2023)

2019 Demonstrator in Geochemistry (EMSC 2023)

2018 Demonstrator in Chemistry of Planet Earth (EMSC 2015)


2.10, Jaeger 5


Research Papers:

Wang, Z., Tian, W., Di, Y., 2021. New temperature and oxygen fugacity data of Martian nakhlite from Northwest Africa (NWA) 5790 and implications for shallow sulphur degassing. Earth, Planets and Space, 73: 164.

Di, Y., Krestianinov, E., Zink, S., Amelin, Y., 2021. High-precision multidynamic Sr isotope analysis using thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS) with correction of fractionation drift. Chemical Geology, 582: 120411.

Di, Y., Li, Z., Amelin, Y., 2021. Monitoring and quantitative evaluation of Faraday cup deterioration in a thermal ionization mass spectrometer using multidynamic analyses of laboratory standards. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 36: 1489-1502.

Di, Y., Tian, W., Chen, M., Li, Z., Chu, Z., Liang, J., 2020. A method to estimate the pre-eruptive water content of basalts: Application to the Wudalianchi–Erkeshan–Keluo volcanic field, Northeastern China. American Mineralogist, 105: 149-161.

Wang, B., Tian, W., Wei, C., Di, Y., 2019. Ultrahigh metamorphic temperatures over 1050 °C recorded by Fe–Ti oxides and implications for Paleoproterozoic magma-induced crustal thermal perturbation in Jining area, North China Craton. Lithos, 348-349: 105180.

Chu, Z., Li, C., Chen, Z., Xu, J., Di, Y., Guo, J., 2015. High precision measurement of 186Os/188Os and 187Os/188Os isobaric oxide corrections with in-run measured oxygen isotope ratios. Analytical Chemistry, 87: 8765-8771.

Conference Abstracts:

Di Y., Sapah M.S., Amelin Y., 2021. Complex Pb isotopic contamination in CAIs from Northwest Africa 4502. 84th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 6033.

Di. Y., Amelin, Y., 2020. Heterogeneous nucleosynthetic 84Sr anomalies within and among CAIs. Goldschmidt Conference, 570.

Di, Y., Krestianinov, E., Amelin, Y., 2020. Effect of fractionation rate on high-precision multidynamic TIMS Sr isotope analysis and the 84Sr abundance of the Earth. Goldschmidt Conference, 571.

Di, Y., Amelin, Y., 2020. The initial 87Sr/86Sr of the Solar System. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 1132.

Di, Y., Tian, W., Chu, Z., Liang, J., 2016. Volatile-oversaturated magma ascending of ultrapotassic basalts from Wudalianchi-Erkeshan-Keluo (WEK) volcano field, NE China. Goldschmidt Conference, 661.