Professor Rainer Grün

Emeritus Professor

Research interests

  • Development of dating methods, in particular, ESR and U-series dating
  • Application of dating to key questions in Quaternary research
    • human evolution
    • landscape dynamics
    • global sea level change

Isotopic tracing of human migrations (Malte Willmes et al.)

We have completed a map for bioavailabe Sr isotopes in France. This baseline map will now allow us to trace the origins of fossil humans and animals from the rich archaeological records of France.



In Press

  • Aubert, M., Pike, A.W.G., Stringer, C., Bartsiokas, A., Kinsley, L., Eggins, S., Day, M., Grün, R. (in press). Confirmation of a late middle Pleistocene age for the Omo Kibish 1 cranium by direct uranium-series dating. Journal of Human Evolution.

  • Aubert, M., Williams, I.S., Boljkovac, K., Moffat, I., Moncel, M.H., Dufour, E., Grün, R. (in press). In situ oxygen isotope micro-analysis of faunal material and human teeth using a SHRIMP II: a new tool for palaeo-ecology and archaeology. Journal of Archaeological Science.
  • Brink, J.S.,Herries, A.I.R., Moggi-Cecchi, J., Gowlett, J.A.J., Bousman, B., Hancox, J.P., Grün, R., Eisenmann, V.,Adams, J.W., Rossouw, L., (in press). First hominine remains from a 1.0 million year old bone bed at Cornelia-Uitzoek, Free State Province, South Africa. Journal of Human Evolution.


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