Accelerated solvent extractor

The Accelerated solvent extractor (the 'DIONEX ASE 200') is an automated system for the extraction of natural products, toxins, oils and bitumens from plant tissue, soil and rock powder. For the extraction, 10 to 30 g of ground sample are placed in a clean stainless steel cell and automatically extracted in several cycles using solvents such as dichloromethane and methanol at elevated temperature and pressure (e.g. 100°C and 1000 psi). In comparison to conventional Soxhlet extraction, the ASE allows shorter extraction times (minutes rather than days), and uses significantly less expensive solvents (50 rather than 500 ml). The low volume of used solvent also significantly reduces the background noise for some compound classes.

After the pressurized solvent is released from the extraction cell, it is collected in 50 ml glass vials. The sample is then concentrated in a gentle stream of purified nitrogen gas using a TurboVap®LV (Caliper).