AusPass: the Australian Passive Seismic Server

Map of AusPass Seismic Data Networks

AusPass is a service dedicated to the acquisition, management, and distribution of passive seismological data in Australia and its periphery. Extensive fieldwork projects are conducted across the country, typically organized in distinct seismic arrays (i.e. groups of seismic stations). The data from the following arrays, listed in the AusPass metadata archive, are now available online. New data as well as archival data are perpetually being added so be sure to check back regularly.

AusPass is an initiative supported with funding from AuScope and the Australian National University to provide access to broadband passive seismic data collected in Australia. To facilitate knowledge discovery and innovation, AusPass adopts and supports FAIR data principles. AusPass makes use of community agreed procedures, data formats and protocols used by international seismic data centres such as:

  • the international Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN),
  • the Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology (IRIS),
  • the New Zealand GeoNet project.

AusPass data can either be accesed with our graphical interface or through a standard FDSN request. For any questions or comments, you may contact our team at We are eager to receive your feedback and improve our services.

On any given month AusPass users download up to 10 Terrabytes of seismic data across 100,000+ requests. If you have seismic waveform data you'd like to host with us, please get in touch!

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