Experimental Rock Physics Laboratory

Paterson deformation apparatus recently upgraded with laser interferometry for observation of fast slip on synthetic faults. The ANU ‘attenuation apparatus’ for seismic-frequency forced-oscillation measurements of seismic wave dispersion and attenuation.

Facilities for experimental rock physics

ANU research in rock physics employs novel equipment developed in house for laboratory studies of mechanical behaviour ranging widely from time-resolved slip on synthetic faults to seismic-frequency studies of wave speeds and attenuation. The resulting insights are applied in structural geology, geodynamics, and seismology

Internally heated gas-medium high-pressure apparatus with capability to 500 MPa and 1300°C are employed in

  • studies of time-resolved slip on synthetic faults by laser interferometry;
  • preparation of synthetic rock specimens by hot-isostatic pressing;
  • servo-creep compressive deformation;
  • measurement of seismic properties by low-frequency forced-oscillation tests

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