Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) laboratory

The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics laboratory is a purpose-built 400 sq. m laboratory for experimental fluid dynamics. This laboratory is designed for studies of fluid flow processes relevant to both solid earth geological processes and ocean-atmosphere dynamics. It includes:

  • well-controlled temperature isolation room (stable at temperatures between 5 and 30°C), which is used in studies of solidification, melting, convection or flows having temperature-dependent viscosity,
  • two precision rotating tables (designed at ANU) for the simulation of Coriolis effects due to planetary rotation (rotation rates from 0.001 to 10 rad/s) and associated flow diagnostic capabilities,
  • facilities for controlled experiments on evaporation including the measurement of short- and longwave radiation and surface temperature,
  • fluid tanks of a range of sizes and aspects, and a range of imaging capabilites to mixing, waves, plumes and other geophysical fluid phenomena.


Laboratory Manager: Angus Rummery

Academic Operations: Kial Stewart

Academic Supervisor: Callum Shakespeare

Using the GFD laboratory

Allocation of space and time in the GFD laboratory is determined in consultation with all users of the laboratory. The laboratory is also used for undergraduate teaching. Internal ANU and external users are allocated space and facilities to the extent possible.


Callum Shakespeare

Pricing structure

Daily cost (with technical support): $500 per day (academic use)

Daily cost (commercial use): $1500 per day

Minimum charge 2 days usage (includes safety induction and laboratory orientation).

Ongoing academic work (without technical support) is not charged.