Microscope laboratory

RSES operates a Microscope laboratory containing transmitted light microscopes, a stereo microscope and diamond microdrill. This facility also contains Leica Cameras on two of the transmitted light microscopes, allowing users to take high resolution images to use in publication and presentations.

Transmitted Light microscopes include:

  • Lecia DMRX, with attached Lecia DC500 camera. Magnifiactaion from 1.6x to 100x
  • Lecia M420 with attached DFC320 camera. Magnification range zoom 5x-35x
  • Microdrill: A diamond microdrill is available suitable for drilling single grains from a thin section. Drill is located on the stage of a transmitted light microscope for micro-scale work.
  • Stereo microscope: Olympus SZ11, for hand picking, magnification range zoom 1x-11x.
  • Images: Digital camera produce high resolution Photoshop images from Leica software. Images are processed onto networked computer for easy access.