Climate & Ocean Geoscience

Collection of research scientists that specialise in environmental reconstruction on times scales that range from thousands to millions of years for both marine and terrestrial environments, and research on fluid flow problems relevant to Earth.  Our research is aimed at understanding nutrients, trace metals and carbon cycling in the present and past oceans, with emphasis on silica and calcium carbonate biomineralising organisms.

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Project Status
Analysis of changes in Australia's water resources using space gravity data from the GRACE Follow-On mission Current
Antarctic and tropical climate variability over the last millennium, and impacts on southern Australian rainfall Completed
Antarctic GPS project: geodetic monitoring of isostatic rebound near the Lambert Glacier Current
Australian dust: its response to, and role in, climate change Current
Character and timing of deformation and metamorphism on Sifnos, in the Cycladic Blueschist Belt, Aegean Sea , Greece Current
Character and timing of extension in the Cycladic Blueschist Belt in the Aegean Sea, Greece Current
Character and timing of major movement zones beneath the Austro-Alpine 'cold' lid of the Western and Central Alps Current
Climate & Fluid Physics Potential
Evolution of Lake George Current
Expedition 342 of the International Ocean Drilling Program Completed
Geophysical and environmental signals from magnetic biominerals Current
GRACE Follow-on mission Current
Groundwater and surface water geochemistry Current
How do sediments become magnetized? Current
How fast do soils form? Current
Mass balance changes of polar ice caps Current
Melting of Ice Sheets Current
Ocean feedbacks to Antarctic ice melt Current
Ocean internal waves and turbulence Current
Ocean modelling with graphical processing units (GPUs) Current
Oceanic internal waves: energy, mixing and momentum Potential
Oligocene extension on the south Cyclades shear zone, in the central Cyclades, Ios, Greece Current
Palaeomagnetism & Environmental Magnetism Potential
Present-day glacial isostatic adjustment of Antarctica Current
Rohling - Australian Laureate Fellowship “Sea level change and climate sensitivity” Current
Sensing water vapour in the atmosphere using GPS Potential
Southern Ocean Circulation Current
The Climatic Influence of Eddies in the Southern Ocean Potential
The dynamics and thermodynamics of the sea surface Current
The effect of climate change on polar ice sheets Current
The history of past ice sheets Current
Unraveling the changing patterns of Australian rainfall Current
Variations in water resources in Australian drainage basins Current
Vertical movement of tide gauges Current
Weathering history of the Australian continent Current