Research at RSES

The Research School of Earth Sciences in The Australian National University is Australia’s leading academic research institution in the earth sciences and consistently very highly ranked internationally.

Our high standing in a competitive world is built upon a strong emphasis on application of the enabling sciences - mathematics, physics, and chemistry - to address the big challenges in earth sciences. We take a broad view: seeking to answer questions ranging widely from the Earth’s accretion from the mixture of dust and gas in orbit around the sun to the long-term and contemporary records of changing conditions in the oceans.

We are innovators: always seeking to develop new methods, whether experimental, analytical or computational. Our capacity to develop and apply novel methodologies is underpinned by in-house engineering and electronics workshops and highly specialised technical staff.

Our cutting-edge research, led by about 70 academic staff, provides a conducive environment for high-quality research training for more than 100 graduate students, and research-led undergraduate teaching.

Ian Jackson FAA, Director