Enhanced 3-D seismic structure of Southwest Australia (SWAN)

Map of earthquake epicenters for events M > 2.0 from 1960 – July 2020 colored by date and scaled by magnitude (earthquakes.ga.gov.au) prior to the deployment of the SWAN instruments (shown as white diamonds). WA historical earthquakes and SWAN deployment

ARC Linkage Project led by Prof. Miller and Prof. Kennett in collaboration with GSWA (Dr. Gessner and Dr. Murdie), Geoscience Australia (Dr. Allen), and Macquarie Uni (Dr. Yuan) and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (Grey and Whitney) .  The project aims to produce new 3-D seismic velocity structure models of the southwest region of Australia with new data collected by a two-year deployment of 25 passive seismic recorders. In conjunction with previously collected geophysical datasets by our partners this project will allow the determination of structure in 3-D to lithospheric depths. The objective of this work is to provide a compilation of 3-D models of the crust and lithosphere, which will be an effective characterisation of the 3-D structure of the craton and its margins.

Nature of Project(s): Computational, fieldwork and numerical

I am seeking two PhD students to work with an excellent team of researchers at ANU and with our partners on the SWAN broadband seismic dataset.  

Several projects exist to study continental lithospheric structure and formation from a seismological perspective. These projects are primarily computer based, and prior experience with python, Matlab or similar programs would be advantageous. Opportunities to assist in collecting seismic data in the field may also arise during the course of a project.

Any interested students are encouraged to contact me for more information.