Welcome to all alumni and friends of the Research School of Earth Sciences.

Nur Güneli »

During my PhD I am trying to get some insights into early life on Earth.

Mallory Young »

Australian National University scientist Mallory Young, of the Research School of Earth Sciences, is investigating the use of these vibrations as a way to probe the Earth’s outer layer.

Kyle Horner »

The experience of doing a PhD at RSES has been fully immersive.  I have completed every aspect of my research project in-house using RSES resources.  Sample collection, analysis, and data modeling have all been done using state-of-the-art equipment, and the technical support I received while learning the ropes was fantastic.

Aditya Chopra »

Astrobiologist Aditya Chopra is about to analyse the most primitive organisms on Earth to find the lowest common denominator of life in work that could give hints on where to look for living things on other planets.

Kelly Strzepek »

Kelly Strzepek is less than a year off completing her PhD researching how changes in ocean currents off Eastern Australia are affecting nutrient distribution and marine life.

Claire Thompson »

Claire Thompson's PhD program at the Research School of Earth Sciences involved filling gaps in our knowledge about the impact of the trace element on the photosynthetic microorganisms.

Brendan Hanger »

The four years of my PhD were a great time to be around RSES