Dr Wilton Aguiar

Postdoctoral Fellow

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Australian National University and the  Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science (ACEAS).




Research interests

The focus of my research is the large-scale ocean circulation and its effect on climate, with particular focus on the following topics: polar climate, past and future changes in the large-scale ocean circulation, and interactions between sea ice and bottom and deep water formation. To understand these ocean processes I use models of different complexities and resolutions, ranging from Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity to high resolution ocean models.


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In review:
Aguiar, W.; Lee, SK.; Lopez, H.; Dong, S.; Seroussi, H.; Jones, D.; Morrison, A.; (2023) Antarctic Bottom Water sensitivity to spatio-temporal variations in Antarctic meltwater fluxes


Lee, SK.; Lumpkin, R.; Gomez, F.; Yeager, S.; Lopez, H.; Takglis, F.; Dong, S.; Aguiar, W.; Kim, D.; Baringer, M.; (2023)Human-induced changes in the global meridional overturning circulation are emerging from the Southern Ocean. Communications Earth & Environment

Aguiar, W.; Meissner, KJ; Montenegro, A.; Prado, L.; Wainer, I.; Carlson, A.E; Mata, M.M; (2021) Magnitude of the 8.2 ka event freshwater forcing based on stable isotope modelling and comparison to future Greenland melting. Scientific Reports

Aguiar, W.; Prado, LF; Wainer, I.; Liu, Z.; Montenegro, Al.; Meissner, KJ; Mata, MM; (2020)Freshwater forcing control on early-Holocene South American monsoon. Quaternary Science Reviews


Oliveira, JC; Aguiar, W; Cirano, M; Genz, F; de Amorim, FN; (2018)A climatology of the annual cycle of river discharges into the Brazilian continental shelves: from seasonal to interannual variability. Environmental Earth Sciences