Dhruv Bhagtani

PhD Candidate
BTech (Hons) in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras

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I am a PhD student at the Climate and Fluid Physics group. My research focusses on understanding the various drivers of large-scale ocean circulation with an emphasis on ocean gyres. Gyres are swirling currents in ocean basis and are responsible for carrying heat, transport and nutrients around the globe.

I enjoy reading books, travelling and going out on hikes.


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Teaching information

Demonstrating a first-year course (The Blue Planet) which provides an introduction to Earth Systems Science, a new field of science that investigates how chemical, physical, and biological processes interact to shape and regulate Earth’s environment. More information can be found here: https://programsandcourses.anu.edu.au/course/emsc1006.


Room 2.22, Jaeger 7, Research School of Earth Sciences


  • Surface heating steers planetary scale ocean circulation, Dhruv Bhagtani, Andy Hogg, Ryan Holmes, Navid Constantinou, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 2023 (submitted). (Link)
  • Parallelised finite element based solver for cyclone inundation in the east coast of Tamil Nadu, Dhruv Bhagtani, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India (Honours Thesis). (Link)
  • Extended Kalman filtering for estimating drag and inertia coefficients for slender offshore structures, Dhruv Bhagtani and Nilanjan Saha, ASME 39th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, 2019. (Link)