Dr Lynne Bean

Honorary lecturer
B.Sc.(S.U.); Dip.Ed.(STC); Grad.Dip.(ANU). PhD (ANU)

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I completed my B.Sc. at Sydney University in 1968 with a double major in Geology.  In 1970 I started teaching Science at Orange High School (NSW) including Level 1 Geology. In 1974 I moved to Killara High and then in 1975 I went to live in London.

By 1981 my husband and I were living in Canberra with our children and I did not return to full-time teaching until 1987.  From 1988 to 2005 I taught Physics and Chemistry at Lake Ginninderra College (ACT), then in 2006 I moved to Dickson College until I retired at the end of 2013.

During 2000-2002 I completed a Graduate Diploma in Geology part-time at ANU, working on an early fossil teleost from the Talbragar Fish Bed near Gulgong NSW. I enrolled in an M.Sc. part-time in 2003, but had to withdraw from it in 2006 due time constraints of working full-time. However in 2005 I attended in international conference in Madrid on Mesozoic Fish where I presented a poster and a short talk. In 2006 I had a paper published on the work I did for my Grad. Dip.

In 2014 I joined the ranks of Visitors at the ANU and took up the role of volunteer curator of the collection on rocks, minerals and fossils.  At the end of that year the collection was moved from Building 47 to Building 54 and during 2015 my work entailed confirming the new locations of all the boxes and specimens.

My third international conference was in Melbourne in July 2015.  It was on Early and Lower Vertebrates. As a result of conversations at that conference I commenced working toward a PhD in January 2016.  This is the culmination of a life-long interest in Geology and fossils in particular.

During 2017 I undertook a study tour to Argentina and the USA to familiarise myself with fish fossil from the Jurassic in Northern Patagonia, the collections in the American Museum of Natural History, New York, and the Field Museum, Chicago.  I also spent six weeks working with Prof Gloria Arratia at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.  In Ausust 2017 I attented the 7th International Meeting on Mesozoic Fishes at Mahasarakham University in Thailand where I presented a paper.

I completed my PhD by compilation, so three papers, several conferences and 2 major lockdowns later I was awarded my degree on 16th July 2021

You can find me on ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

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Research interests

Working title for my thesis: A reassessment of the fossil fish members of families Luisiellidae and Archaeomenidae from the Talbragar Fossil Fish Bed near Gugong, NSW and the Koonwarra Fossil Bed, Gippsland, Victoria. Supervisor: Professor Stephen Eggins. Associate supervisors: Professor John Long, Flinders University, Adelaide; Professor Gloria Arratia, Kansas University, USA; Ass. Prof Leanne Armand, RSES.

Now that I have finished my thesis I am working on descriping and reassessing the phylogenetic relationships of the other fishes from Talbragar and Koonwarra.  The next paper will be on Aphnelepis australis and Aetheolepis mirabilis from Talbragar. That will be followed by Coccolepis australis from Talbragar and Coccolepis woodwardi from Koonwarra. There is also Koonwarria from Victoria, and a large, un-named fish from Talbragar that is related to Furo.

My other interest is in the palaeontology collection at RSES.  I have been working in the Collection as a volunteer since 2015. This has involved loans, returns, data entry, storage organisation, development of the Collection Management Plan, and accessions.


Teaching information

I taught half of the Geobiology unit at ANU (EMSC2019) in 2016 and 2017.


J8 room 3.12


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