Dr Sia Ghelichkhan

Dr Sia Ghelichkhan
Lecturer (Tenure-Track) at Research School of Earth Sciences
Institute for Water Futures
2019: PhD, Geophysics, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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Research interests

I am a tenure-track lecturer specialising in numerical geophysics at the ANU, with a passion for developing and optimising large-scale numerical models of Earth system processes. My research harnesses both numerical and analytical methods to address complex geoscientific problems through advanced data assimilation techniques like the adjoint method.

Groundwater Modelling:
I am currently leading the development of a state-of-the-art numerical framework designed for continental-scale modelling of variably saturated groundwater systems. This innovative platform aims to enhance our understanding and predictive capabilities of groundwater dynamics, crucial for sustainable water resource management.

Mantle Convection:
Another primary area of my research is the study of mantle convection and its impact on shaping the Earth's surface. By comparing inverse models with observations of topographic and gravity changes, my work helps elucidate the rheological and thermodynamic parameters of mantle rocks, furthering our knowledge of Earth’s internal processes.

Geoscientific Adjoint Optimisation Platform (G-ADOPT):
As a co-lead of GADOPT, I am at the forefront of integrating modelling techniques for groundwater, mantle convection, and glacio-isostatic adjustment. GADOPT (gadopt.org) employs cutting-edge numerical libraries and methods to provide robust solutions to some of the most pressing geoscientific questions.

Through these endeavours, I aim to contribute significantly to our understanding of Earth’s dynamic systems, supporting efforts in environmental sustainability and resource management.

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