Dr Sebastien Allgeyer

PhD, 2012
Visitor/Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Natural Hazards (Tsunami, Earthquake, Landslide, ....)
  • Satellite observation of Gravity field
  • Numerical methods, High Performance Computing
  • Inverse methods
  • Data analysis, Data science



  • EMSC3033: Applied Geophysics, 2nd year, Lecture + Labs (2020)
  • EMSC3032: Melting Polar Ice Sheets, Sea Level Variations and Climate Change, 3rd year, Computing labs (2016 & 2017)


Current student projects


Past student projects

  • Ignatius Ryan P. (PhD, 2015 - 2019): Tsunami Hazard in Indonesia
  • Duttetreya D. (Indian Institute of Technology, ANU FTR Award, 2019): Numerical modeling of tsunami generated by landslide
  • Md Jakir H. (PhD, 2012-2014): Time Reverse Imaging of tsunami data
  • Kellie S. (Princeton Summer student, 2016): Tide estimation using GRACE gravity mission data